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About Us

If you are a producer or director in tollywood and telugu tv industry and looking for those talented performers, actors and technicians out there, who want to work in tollywood and telugu tv industry you have come to a right place. We have lot of talented performers in 24 crafts of film and entertainment industry who have zeal to prove themselves on screen again and again, it is their passion for the acting that runs them rather than anything else.

If you have zeal, passion and interest to act or to be associated film industry television industry and other related fields where you feel that you can prove your skills and make your mark and you got that talent where you can mesmerize the audiences you came to the right place. We are here to help you, all you need to do is just get register ( provide link ) for free and upload you profile let the people know about you and your talents. We provide the platform show your talent and full fill your dream.

In order to achieve our objective, we have a formidable team of professionals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about filmmaking for Students. Our team includes Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, Actors, Cinematographers, Editors etc. Some of us belong to the filmmaking industry by experience and some of us by passion. All our different and diverse backgrounds make us a very interesting mix, working & inching towards a shared vision.

Yes, we are all about filmmaking and very passionate at that. But we also like to keep our feet on ground to remain pragmatic and avoid being carried away. We are not in the big-budget Hollywood/Bollywood league because our experiences have taught us to make a film with an ultralow-budget without compromising on its technical finesse or content quality. Yet, deep down in our hearts we remain students of filmmaking since there can never be truly a master of this art.

Film Freshers; Always entertaining. Responsibly.

direct help for admissions email ,name, age , mobile ,location and dream to or call +91 90009 82783;